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Case Study - Nikki Banfield

Nikki is my key person

She helps me to understand what is going to happen at pre-school by showing me pictures and symbols for what activities are here for me today.

Then I can choose what I like.

I point to the pictures on my choice board and then Nikki knows what I want to do.

At snack time, Nikki signs the words for the drinks and fruits while she says them out loud for me to hear.

I sign back to her. I like to drink milk and to eat apple, but I don’t feel sure about saying the words in English yet.

Nikki smiles because she understands and passes me the milk jug so that I can pour my own drink.

Before home time, I sit on the carpet with the group of children and we sing songs together.

It is my turn next - I choose the star from the song bag because it is my favourite and I can sign the actions while everyone sings.

When Mummy comes in to pick me up, Nikki tells her what we have been doing today. Mummy is happy because I played with the children outside and I said “baby” when I cuddled a doll.