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Case Study - Nicola Jordan

Nicola is my key person.

She came to visit me at my home before I started at Busy Bees and so she knows that I am a little bit shy.

Nicola gave me a book to share with Daddy about starting pre-school and we looked at it together before I go to bed.

When Mummy brings me in to pre-school, sometimes I used to cry when she says goodbye. So Nicola has a special teddy for me to hold when I was feeling a bit sad, and this helped me to feel better quite soon.

Because Busy Bees is small, everyone knows me really well and that makes me feel calm.

Nicola shows me the pictures of what is going to happen today – painting, playdough, playing outside, then snack time. After more playing time we are going to tidy up, sing some songs and then it will be home time.

Sometimes I check the pictures to see how soon Mummy is coming back. Nicola finds me a sandtimer and shows me how the sand trickles through the glass. When all the sand is at the bottom, it will be time for Mummy.

At home time, Nicola tells Mummy that I tried very hard and was happy for nearly all the time today. I smile when she explains that I chose blue paint for my picture. It is still wet, so I will take it home tomorrow when the paint is dry. I laughed at the funny worms that we made from playdough, because they were wiggly and all different. Some were thin and some were round. My worms were short, but Nicola rolled some really long stretchy ones. I ate fruit at snack time and joined in with singing.

I wave goodbye to Nicola and smile. I know that I will have lots of fun at Busy Bees tomorrow – and that I will be happy with Nicola and Nikki until home time.