Welcome to Busy Bees in Henleaze

Busy Bees is a well-established Pre-school in Henleaze, Bristol BS9. We are caring and nurturing, while encouraging independence. Every child is valued for who they are, not what they can do.

Busy Bees is a pre-school for children aged 2½ – 5 years and is affiliated to the Pre-school Learning Alliance. We admit 20 children each session and the group is staffed with a pre-school leader, a small team of pre-school practitioners and normally one rota helper (a parent, grandparent or childcarer) working as a volunteer each day.

Our pre-school provides a warm, caring and happy environment where each child feels valued and learning is a shared and enjoyable experience. We provide a rich variety of activities, and a planned curriculum built on the children’s interests, all allowing children to safely explore and discover knowledge for themselves, either through free play or by participating in a directed activity with adult support. We promote independence, self-confidence and encourage positive personal and social skills, in preparation for each child’s transition to primary school.

Busy Bees Pre-school is a registered provider of Early Years education and regularly has full OFSTED and LEA audits and inspections to ensure that the required standards are met. All children have a Free Early Education Entitlement from the term after their third birthday. This can be used to fund your place at Busy Bees. More information on this is available from the Pre-school Leader.

Busy Bees is a community run pre-school which means that parents of the children who attend actually own the group, which is a registered charity. It is managed by an elected committee, voted in by the parents each year. Every parent is welcome to be involved in the committee and can contribute suggestions or offer comments to influence any major decisions made.

The sessions are designed to work with the children, enabling them to make progress towards the early learning goals, which should be reached by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, completed at the end of the Reception Year in primary school.

Did you know?

We provide a free, healthy snack of fresh fruit with milk or water at every session.

Our Ofsted rating is GOOD.

We offer fully funded places for eligible two year olds, as well as three and four year old children funded either through the universal or extended entitlements. So, in most cases, there will be nothing for you to pay. Otherwise our fees are £5.00 per hour for three and four year olds, £5.50 per hour for two year olds.